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17 October 2010 @ 01:25 am
ground Zero Is not dead! and heres a post to prove it :)

Its been a hard road so far but we have acheived a huge amount. overcoming cast issues, tech issues, even acts of GOD to pull this together, and now the first of our crowning acheivements. the teaser trailer. went live on our youtube channel at 1am this morning

you can check it out HERE.

the plan is to launch the Film in installments with the first going out on the night of October the 31st.

so tune in to our youtube channel and take a taster of the terror! please leave your comments on the video or the channel itself, and stay tuned... there is more o come from  GroundZeroFilm!
17 May 2010 @ 12:22 pm

I haven't been up to post in a while, partially because of a hectic schedule and partly because, the task of editing the footage we have so far is immense fun, but kind of salient to write on unless your reader is a dyed in the  wool final cut fanatic.

but i will say we are planning for the final push. and to spread some information  over the toasty surface of the interwebs. so everyone involved in the project can get to it.

From the info the core cast has given me the new, and currently most plausible dates for prospective filming. Will be :

Monday the 24th of May from 7pm

Thursday the 3rd of June From 7pm

Friday the 4th of June from 7 pm.

Exact shot itinerary for these days is still to be decided. So I thought I’d let you all know, crew, key brain munchers and main cast. In case we need you guys on board again. There is a strong chance supporting cast will be needed on shoot for some of the scenes. So I implore you now you have this mail. To keep those three dates as free as possible if you are available.

And to let me know asap on the new address ( sender address) if you can’t make it.

On the frontline. Editing is going well. And I’m mid way through cutting up some of the stronger action elements to make a short trailer. So we have some moving undead to show for the hard work so far.

Id like to take this opportunity to extend another thanks to you all. For pulling together to make this happen.

Lets make this last push an almighty one :)


05 April 2010 @ 03:09 pm

Technical difficulties have delayed the official heralding of a momentous event such as this. But I am delighted to be able to say that we have finally started filming!!!

Fanfares aside, we kicked off our first weekend filming some of the final scenes in the movie. Scene 8 of Dead by Dawn is dialogue, and effects heavy. and it pushed all of us to get it right on a tight schedule. the perfect circumstances would have meant a hard slog. but a quagmire mix of itinerant lighting conditions, advanced sleep depravation and MIA cast member. meant there where dark moments on set where even the chirpiest of us had doubts. but we got it done… and good god the undead have never looked so good.

Georgie’s make up and FX were exemplary. creating a battered bloody and haggard cast of living looong before exhaustion had set in. and our main man and maiden, (Adrian Richards and Katy Bradbury) really dug deep to pull take after take. keeping the fresh lines and revisions put forward by Our director Alex butler. and crafting the scenes to fit new setting.

Like everything at ground zero we don’t do things by halves, and we planned the 2 day filming run  alongside a cast party that softened up our growing cast of lead zombies, for a lightning gore shoot the next morning.

Again Georgies make up came up trumps with. our man Daniel (Neil gardener) filling the role as the archetypal returning antagonist in our final scenes.. as much a pain in life as he was in death :D

So once all the fake blood washed out, and we scrubbed the gore from the patio.

all was silent as the grave… and all that remained were pictures memories and hours of footage to edit close to 5 minutes.

Bring on the ZOMBIE HORDE DAY !!! BRING ON APRIL 14th!!






14 March 2010 @ 11:52 pm
 The process of making larger scale film is new to all of us at ground zero. and the process making good horror is something equally unique in the film making process.
So i reckoned it would be pertinent to do a little exploration. while we have been running around like headless lopers and see how the  greats work.

I found an amazing site while cruising the inter webs...
The Zombie Survival And defence Wiki
Is an amazingly weird ass compilation of survival tips outbreak discussion and general zombie related awesomeness. these guys ( and girls) take their zombies seriously.. and to say they were a wealth of knowledge on the undead from books to music to film. would be a gross understatement.

Talking of books I'm currently chewing through the Mammoth book of Zombie comics.. The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comicsa compilation of the greatest horror comic writers and artists who have mulled on the topic of the undead... the artwork is amazing. with some seriously dynamic panels that are heavily reminiscent of our film story boarding... a task our intrepid director is undertaking with zeal... Dead by Dawn is truly out of my hands until the pre shoot meeting... Its Alex's Baby now and I more than trust him to employ everything he's got to make the chiller I wrote become something real...
anyhow back to the film making
IMDB has a wealth of random film trivia about the great zombie movies of the past 50 years. facts like: during the filming of the modern (2004) dawn of the dead, Romero chose to film scenes sequentially and in chronological order... so the fake blood, sweat and dirt would accumulate realistically. its also rumoured that some of the larger set pieces were kept a secret so that the reactions would be fresh... one shot explosion deserves 1 shot reactions right?

any way, that's about all ive got to share with you all at the moment... needless to say we are all still busy.
the next few events on the cards are to be the cast costume meet up (TB C) and the lead zombie training day and auditions  on the 9th of April.

Z-day is coming... bet we'll all be Dead By Dawn.
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04 March 2010 @ 04:13 pm

Moving forward from the snowy setback. we've been working hard to get things in order for a good run of shooting.we have made plans for the coming Easter holiday.

We’re firing off a barrage of facebook events and  blog posts in preparation for the run. This is the first volley letting you watchers, visitors and prospective horde know what's going on.

We have tailored our plans, to give as many of you guys as possible the chance to take part. and we run a tight ship. so take note……

This Is how its going to go down.

The festivities will start  Friday 9th of April. With a Zombie training day for lead zombies prior to the main event.

Meet up will be at Mine ( Adrian's) at 1:30 pm. Address

4 Darnford close, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 0YJ.

Map picture

From this day We need a core team of 10 to 15 “loper” zombies who are ready and available throughout the week of filming and are adaptable enough to take part in the planned zombie training day.

we are looking for physically capable and convincing applicants preferably with some acting experience. the Lopers will be the most gored up, fx heavy in your face monsters in this movie so only those willing to get stuck in need apply.


contact  Adrian via email : Z_Day_is_coming@live.co.uk

or text him on 07906362714,

in each case drop your name and a contact number we can reach you on in any event there is a change of plans.

Shooting week

Shooting week will begin on Monday the 12th of April, with wrap up on the night of the 16th

Monday 12th = cast and lead zombies ( lopers)

Wednesday 14th = cast/ lead  and horde : see FB event http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=334667427842

Friday 16th = Cast/ lead/ horde (dependant on requirement)

Each night will roll as follows.

4:30 cast turn up for scene run through and make up, crew will begin scene prep.

6:00 –6:30 horde arrival for required scenes ( any one arriving after 6:30 has NO guarantee of being included in the filming for that day),

6:30- 6:55 top up for zombie makeup and final checks.

7:00- 9:30  location shooting

9:30- close down for the night!!

So keep your diary's clear for the coming week of filming, and we hope to see you come and join the fun.

And remember Z-day is coming… but we’ll be Dead by Dawn

20 February 2010 @ 09:29 pm
 As those In touch with the Face book group will know the planned horde shoot had to be called off due to Bad weather. as much as we liked to have shot in the snow, it wasn't conducive to the film and posed a serious risk for all involved. the freak weather should not last long however and we will reschedule the shoot in the next few weeks. so keep checking back here, and the facebook group.
I sallied up there in the time slot we proposed, and didn't see anyone waiting. so I apologise if I missed you, and you did attend... but you were pre warned.
The weather is something we can rarely  account for, and can spoil some of he best laid plans. 
I guess our only plan of action is to move forward, and make new plans

More updates soon

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19 February 2010 @ 01:20 am

Behind the scenes at GZ things have been grinding away despite our silence in the past month.

All the members of GZ projects are effectively part time, giving precious time and resources to create something amazing, outside of work, uni, college and school This has meant that certain constraints are placed on the frequency and intensity with which we can operate and organise. despite all of this we have accomplished so much.

the second makeup test shoot and equipment trial went amazingly. with our Fx artist Georgie pulling out all the stops  to create some gruesome masterpieces on our director Alex and the burgeoning actor in our midst Alex Earle.


 In the meantime. we have completed preparations for filming our first scenes. and the actors Have been working with Alex to refine their roles, and build the relationships we need to bring the undead to life on screen.. but more on that from him later.


The important thing to state is that DEAD BY DAWN is very much alive. and that we are preparing to begin filming horde scenes this week. so if you are interested in getting involved. have to get in contact Asap via any means necessary and spread the word :) remember the address is.



you need to be available:

Saturday and Sunday night from 6-8. Shirley park

full details are provided on the Facebook events



don't forget to join the facebook group, and check back here, the home of GZONLINE to keep up to date on the current antics At GroundZero

I hope to see you there.

Ciaossu ^_^


19 February 2010 @ 12:58 am
Aaaargh!!! ( not a zombie impression)

This post is serves three purposes

firstly it is tailored to vent my personal woes at the distinct lack of private funding ( all costs are coming out of intensely personal pockets) hence the Arrrgghhhaaarrrgghh!!… secondly to implore any readers, listeners, blogosphere gods out there to send me crew members available for sound and lighting…. we’re thin on the ground here!! and thirdly more for curiosity post our current equiptment list…( no prices sorry)

2 X Hi def Hi 8 camcorders

2X tripods ( duh)

1X focused cardioid mic ( shotgun style)

1X roller dolly ( home made.. from kick ass design i got online… £800 saved !!o_O)

4X budget track ( pvc pipe ftw!)

2X rig mounted cardioid

1X portable digital recorder ( 2 weeks salary… nuff said)

1X boom rig ( home modified)

that's it for now… if your after detailed instructions on the construction of the rolling dolly you can look here with detailed diagrams here ( credit to Jornen clarke and rickvanman for being interweb legends)

I will be in touch soon with pics n the such… remember

Z-day is coming
19 February 2010 @ 12:55 am

We are cooking with Gas people. the next 2 weeks will be paramount so if possible please remain as available as possible. we have decided on the cast list with and are building a very strong support to tie every thing together.

we have chosen our victims carefully

Joe: Adrian Richards

Jane: Katy Bradbury

Amelia: Alex Simonet

Daniel: Neil gardener

Amelia's best friend Girl: Hannah abbot

Amelia's Best friend Boy: Ryan Fox

administration is a bitch. so we are getting resourceful to pull this project off. so expect some fairly short notice bothering soon.

Adieu people.. more soon
19 February 2010 @ 12:42 am

Ground Zero is on Facebook.. look for us… seek us out.. ours is the group that has nothing to do with 9/11.

Its been all quiet on the front. various techno gremlins have slowed the editing of screen tests and all the cast have been busy learning the script and dedicating themselves to their other projects… so there is little to say.

Other than our zombie baby has a name…

DBD title

This will be the first in hopefully a few ground zero projects…

And as always the call goes out. if you feel you want to contribute to the madness that is our guerrilla film movement. whether with money, manpower, or just by spreading the word. feel free to get in touch.

ciaossu ^.^